Naked in a field (poem)

Standing naked
In a field of Polaroids
The growing boy looks forward
To freedom... a concept
To be gone from here
Far from all torments
On the forgery of tickets
Made on high school typewriter

Taking Greyhound buses
Across oceans
Like moon cows
Away from authority
Discovering the root
Points to sky
It rains those first few precious drops
In soggy wooded motherland

Oh the joy
The transformation
The greening of warm sunny Spring
Down tracks behind junkyards
Tracks lined with pennies to smash
And bullets under train wheels
To scare the engineer

Then back to that great hidden field
Shooting himself
With a camera
Laying there like the great Catholic scandal
Talking to God
Watched over by trees and birds
Up in a blue heaven

started 2008 February 11 Monday (12:57am EST)

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© Vincent B. Rain