Look Away (poem)

Look away I'm hideous
Unable to reach your mind... of beauty
With my own
You say hello passing quickly
To avoid the shadow
Of a darkness you imagine

I quickly pull my coat
To cover my face
I f
eel so young like you
Time has passed in a flash
I was a damned.... handsome clown
Just before you came to town
Decades ago... on your gypsy wagon
Now the crows feet of my eyes
Are new... having wept
Tears for your private world

Vegan forest woman
Trapped in a city
Full of carnivore.... carnival rejects
Those eyes cannot fool these
I've seen them.... many thousand times
Wanting to touch that tough and tender heart
That beats to its own dream

Instead I must find a way to die
Of old age never having found the words
I must go up and ring the bell
For some dandy and his bride
Who think they are the center of beauty
Never having known a mind like you
As I'm quite.... sure I do

I think you are a nun
Waiting for a true love you've shunned
If only I had a friend in all the world
Who would touch me
Like you could
It is only you.... that seems to fear me
It is only you.... that haunts me
Because I know.... your power to dream
Fidgety genius and queen
Of all the sissy girls
You are so fastidious
Look away.... I am.... hideous


Vincent B. Rain as Quasimodo in Paris. The image is is a montage of two images shot by Rain. The Notre Dame Cathedral image was shot 2011 May 08 while living in Paris for a season. The Rain self image was shot in panorama mode as an experiment by rotating himself in a spinning chair while the camera was stationary, resulting in an unexpected distortion that shows his face both in profile and frontally. The final montage was rendered through a filter called "water paper".

Started, 2014 May 11 Sunday. Ccompleted over the night into May 12 Monday.

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© Vincent B. Rain