Liar (poem)

I went out looking
For a place we could
All get a-long.....
Tall one together
The ultimate bar.....
Association where
The liars were honest and
The lawyers were not liars
A cafe where vegetarians
Don't fear the cannibols
A town where the mailmen
Bite the dog
Just as often... as the dog

I walked in
"Smoking or nonsmoking?"
"Sex & violence or family values?"
Yes man... give me all of the above and
I'll give you my love
And so it was
That I became.. a member of the bar
A liar in good standing
A neighbor and a star

Now I can drink here
Autumn days and golden beer
I remember when I once said
It seems quite strange and queer
That nothing is happening
In my life
At this moment
I need some cash... I need big money
I need a case like it's not funny
Like a crazy dog
Chasing an ambulance
I have much ado about nothing much
A sister sued her brother
But I'm tied up representing
The lunatic
Who chopped up his mother
To tell you the truth
I don't know why you're so
Perhaps you killed her too

I used to be a
Plebian public defender
Now I'm the... all time great pretender
A writ I wrote
For some poor bloke in a dungeon
Made us both rich
But I'm no Jim Dandy

With all my great victories and
Arguments won
I sometimes fail to face the truth
I've hardly.... a true friend in town

Written a few days before 2005 March 15 Tuesday

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© Vincent B. Rain