It Was Over (poem/song)

It was absolutely overnight
That I became
The old man that I am... what I am
An old man I am
It was absolutely over
It was over

Night.... fell like a curtain
On the dandelions
Of my early times
Now I'm drinking the dregs
Of an old wine
Ain't it jus' like the good times
When memory is a treasure.... a pleasure
Never to be forgot until they
Turn out the light

It was over
chorus: I'm tellin' you it was over
It was over
chorus: I'm tellin' you it was over
It was over
chorus: It was all over town

When I walk around and stare
They say I've lost my head
But I've got many a friend
Long gone and dead.... you'd stare too

All these people walking around
Were not here when I was born
They cannot feel the tattered ghosts
Of a time come and gone

Look at that old man
"What's wrong with him?"
And they rudely ask of me
"Are you all right?"

No, young jitterbug.... I'm all wrong and
You're all right
Just leave me alone and maybe
Just maybe.... I'll fade into the night
....In your dreams

Started 2006 September 14 Thursday (12:01am EST atomic watch time). Inspired by speaking to S. Bukowski on phone a few hours ago (not the famous one).
This poem about aging is for Sunny Brook Nursing Home, a conceptual play/screenplay..

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© Vincent B. Rain