Fast Food (song)

It was another fast food murder
It was a mother forget me
In the land
Of milk and honey
They don't just
Want your money
They want to live
In your skin

Oh let me in
Let me in to
I'll wash your dishes
If you grant my wishes
I'll mow your lawn
Trim your hedges
Don't leave me on the edge

It's another fast rude murder
I'm a slow food kind of guy
I love the music... the wine... I love...
To look you in the eye

I gave the doorman my money
The valet drove away my car
Just as I was entering
I saw a star dancing
In the ballroom
An old hoofer
Was drinking at the bar

Where can I go... I said
I need quick bite... before I drop dead
I think I've found
A sliver of America
I had to walk across
The blood all over the ground


I know just the place for you, she said
With all the courage of a
Homely loveless lover
Who became a Hollywood
Housecleaner for someone... quite meaner

By the way, she said
I'm not quite what I seem
I was on the silver screen but I
Came tumbling down



(started 2006Mr19Su, 11:24am EST, inspired by NYTimes article about three separate Denney's shootings in California, Mr18 edition, pg. A12) Topic of song is just the coldness of pedestrian life. Song posted on VBR website 2013Mr22Fr:

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© Vincent B. Rain