Animal Conception (poem)

It is inconceivable to me
That you have chased us away in our terror
A trillion times in your history
That you have heard us
Screaming in the night
That you have tested us and dissected us alive
Sacrificed us and
Run us over with your cars
Cleansed us from our homes in the wilderness
The burning forests... the clearings
Where you built your homes and streets

It is inconceivable that you have so many of us
Locked away in fences and gates and
Crowded buildings that smell of ghastly filth
Where you have forbidden us to know
The rain, the sun or a single night of peaceful dreams
Where you have turned us against each other
Building for us the insane asylum where we are born
Live our entire lives and leave to die

It is inconceivable that you have heard us talking
In our many fluent languages a million times
That you have written stories about us
For your children
Mythical magical stories where
We are cleaned up, dressed up like you as if
We are you.... could ever be you
Would ever want to be you.... and
Your disease

It is inconceivable that you murder us
Far more than a million times
In a single day and yet
You continue to spend millions of dollars
To study whether or not we can feel pain
As your obsession with our flesh
Becomes all manner of.... your malady and war
Arranging our births
That we shall forever be.... crucified

You swim.... in oceans of our blood
You wonder.... if we have a soul....
You drain vast mighty seas of our blood
You.... wonder.... if we.... have a soul

Started 2007 August 25 Saturday (1:53pm EST/DST/afternoon)

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© Vincent B. Rain