• Poems. Prose & Songs - The largest section of this web site provides a good assortment of my poems, prose and songs. I've written a ton of poems. I began writing songs with increasing frequency starting in the mid-1980s. I know I have at least 35 songs written, probably more like 45. Some of them have a rock opera flavor and many are suitable for counter culture films or musicals. And I always have as many as 200 in the works.

  • Maxims of Rain - Short sayings that I write. Great thinkers and common rock stars are known for their quotable sayings.

  • Rainy Day Blog - the place where I put occasional observations and commentaries.

  • Essays - Short writings on topics. The Essays section might be removed soon. Not my forte at the moment.

  • Film & Theater - Film making and theater are mostly my long shot aspirations. I've written a lot of songs that have a theatrical flavor. My ambition to make films is driven by many years of experience in photojournalism and art photography.

  • About Writing - The world is deluged with a flood of writing. This perspective cuts to writing's greater purpose.

  • About Vincent - My affinity for writing took influence from Jesuit teachers in high school, an unpleasant childhood, then new journalism writers and Beats in Boulder, Colorado in the 1970s. Then it was the music scene in the 1980s that gave me the impetus to write songs and other things.

Reference Section

  • Quotes - Favorite quotes of other people

  • Wikipedia Interests - Favorites from Wikipedia as they pertain to my interests in writing, film, music, art and philosophy..

  • Misc. Interest Links - A few web links that may relate to a small few of my interests and influences.

  • Reference Links - Good links for writing.

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